Configuring Opera's Search Settings

You can fully edit the search engines in Opera, adding up to 50 search engines in total.

Since Opera 9, adding a search engine takes literally three clicks:

    1. On the page with an example search field, right-click the search field.
    2. Click "Create search"
    3. Click OK on the dialog that appears.

Existing search engines can be managed through the Search pane in the Preferences.

This dialog also allows to manipulate the code of those engines, or to code your own searches. These can do similar things as the search fields presented in this wiki - but without eating screen space. See

The following is a list of links to other tools that can be used to edit search engines. These tools are generally not required at all for Opera 9, but may still be of use for some purposes. Needless to say, these are targeted at versions prior to 9.

Simulating Chrome's Omnibar in Opera

1. Type opera:config into your address bar in Opera and press enter.

2. Type "hostname" where it says "Quick find".

3. Uncheck "Enable Hostname Expansion"

4. Check "Enable HostName Web Lookup"

5. Paste your preferred search engine in "HostName Web Lookup Address" eg

6. Save (remember this step!)

Opera will now handle single words in the address bar as searches.


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