Opera Widgets

From version 9, Opera has the ability to run widgets, which are small web pages that can be positioned outside the main browser window and perform various functions..



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Got it! Thanks a lot again for hepling me out! (2011-04-21 01:25:15)

ZsHOXO? Cool! You have answered. I'll take a quote! The meaning of life and everything else. Decided. No kidding!.... (2012-02-12 04:02:47)

one peage network info set (2012-12-03 22:50:03)

one peage network info set (2012-12-03 22:53:17)

lol 750 ram and 1.60 ghrzi can still beat you but not now im tired and wasting time lol maybe next time but for nyowou win dude (2012-12-09 13:34:49)

k4KOuZ A round of applause for your article. Really Cool. (2013-09-13 09:03:46)

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