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Could this name please be deleted? I have shifted to a new name, SpW?.

As I don't use it this page serves no purpose but to clutter up the index. Please remove.


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Welcome NaelphiN !

SeaKai (2003-12-19 12:35:06)

I still can't log in because of my stupid transparent proxy :( (2004-01-05 06:15:31)

I can't login, please delete the user NaelphiN and this page.

Thanks! (2004-04-23 08:57:36)

what exactly is the problem?

NonTroppo (2004-04-23 13:27:22)

I enter the username/password, click login, redirect back to same page

I have an account on wikipedia that works, so not sure what is wrong here. Given up trying to fix it and want to clean up pages.

Also, SeanW? was another failed attempt.

Thank you for your time. (2004-04-23 22:02:44)

Could SeanW? and NaelphiN please be removed? It still doesn't work. (2004-07-29 01:15:00)

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