JavaScript is the name most often used for the scripting language ECMAScript.

It was introduced in browsers by Netscape, and was then called LiveScript. After an agreement with Sun Microsystems, the creators of the Java programming language, it was renamed to JavaScript, which has caused confusion since day one.

Microsoft's interpretation of JavaScript is known as JScript, and it is not fully compatible with JavaScript.

ECMAScript is the standardized version of JavaScript Core. It is being standardized through the ECMA standards body. ECMAScript does not include browser and document related objects.

Opera7 supports the entire ECMA-262 2ed and 3ed standard, with no exceptions. They are more or less aligned with JavaScript 1.3/1.5 Core.

In addition to ECMAScript and the DOM objects, Opera supports a number of non-standardized JavaScript/JScript objects.

To help web developers solve problems with javascript code, Opera is equipped with a Javascript console.

See Web Specifications Supported in Opera 7 for more info.




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