Custom Panel Creation for Opera 7

Here are some panels for Opera 7

Streaming Media Panel

A great panel that wraps both RealMedia and QuickTime content for display in the hotlist!

Save that page as a local HTML file and bookmark it as a hotlist panel. If you edit it, you can add your own customised content. See this thread in the forums for more info.

News Panel

Opera's News Panel includes configurable feeds currently containing these news sources :

Salon, CNet, BBC News, Fark, Everything II, ITN News, Slashdot, The Register, Internet News, MacSlash, LinuxToday,DaemonNews, Wired, Kuro5hin, New Scientist, ComputerWorld, Lockergnome Updates, Perl Review, MacCentral, Opera 7 Skins, Opera Press Releases, (DE),, Web Standards Project, W3C News, WebMonkey, Dagens Naeringsliv (NO), Buzz (SV), Die Welt (DE), Dagens Nyheter (SV), VG (NO), Newz.DK (DA), PDA-Nytt (NO)

Calendar Panel

A neat calendar panel.

Simple Ajax Calendar (Czech) as panel.

HTML named colors

HTML named Colors 1 — author: TrollOp
HTML named Colors 2 — author: TrollOp
CSS3 color namesFrenZie

Hard Drive Browser

File Upload:

To upload files, simply use the upload form. That will automatically make a list of uploaded files - Important: make the filename something obvious (include version numbers too!), as the file name becomes the title by default (so use something like: ""). See FileTest to see how it works.

Uploader panel

Uploader — it's sidebar panel for quick uploading files to, and some other file-sharing services.


Flash Panel

Flash Panel — by Vitaliy Sadovskiy


Longbar Ukrainian by Vitaliy Sadovskiy.
Longbar English Translation by shoust
Longbar Enhanced An edit By shoust

WMP Panel

WMP Panel By shoust and Burnout.

Browser Panel

Browser Panel by shoust

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The Streaming Media Panel is not available on the link. Could you help update it? Thanks.

Sunkey (2005-03-31 05:40:18)

The correct link for the Calendar panel is (2006-01-09 03:50:43)

Question I've been trying to figure out.

Any way to modify the keyboard.ini so "Show panel"/"Hide panel" works for custom panels?

I found only one (ancient) comment on this in the My Opera forums (@ ) and I don't understand what he's talking about.

thanks. (2006-05-12 13:03:58)

I think he´s talking about the one button on top, left-hand side, of each panel, which opens a menu of all the available panels and changes the panel to see.

Try drag´n drop this to the toolbar you like:


YinYanger (2006-06-02 05:10:20)

Opera's News Panel

YinYanger (2006-06-02 05:13:24)


Internal panels menu

YinYanger (2006-06-02 05:14:16)

I'm 2006-05-12 13:03:58 above.

Sorry for losing touch (also, I'm a she), so let me clarify a little, now that I'm somewhat more familiar with the terminology:

Using the standard keyboard configuration,
Ctrl+2 toggles the bookmark panel - brings it to focus or hides it.
Ctrl+3 does the same thing for mail
Ctrl+4 for contacts, and so on.

The INI file looks something like:
Focus panel, "bookmarks" | Hide panel, -1 | Set alignment, "hotlist", 0

I've got a couple custom panels that I would like to expand/collapse in a similar manner. But I can't figure out how to refer to them, since they don't appear to have the same kind of 'friendly' names as the prebuilt panels, search, bookmarks, mail, chat, notes, transfers, history, links, and windows.

Any ideas?

[Note, admin may delete my earlier comment for using HTML tags where I shouldn't. This is the same content reformatted for readability.] (2006-06-20 11:00:32)

3OxQgJ Of course, I understand a little about this post but will try cope with it!!.... (2012-02-11 13:22:32)

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